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Dreamfinder World Champion Yearling
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Dreamfinder 1993 World Champion

DreamfinderDreamfinder pedigree

Aztecs Fancy Frani stood frightened in the corner of her foaling stall on March 18, 1984. The Quarter Horse mare looked with awe at the bold-colored Appaloosa colt, the first foal she produced. Rex Kennard of Yukon, Oklahoma, bred Aztecs Fancy Frani to his Appaloosa stallion Alias King the year before. The resulting foal would awe the Appaloosa world much like he awed his dam that first day.

Rex had saved the name Dreamfinder to use for a special horse. When he saw the bay colt covered with a white blanket and large spots, he knew it was Dreamfinder. The family initially bred Quarter Horses, but Rex’s grandfather subscribed to Appaloosa News. Rex’s father, Herman Kennard, thumbed through an issue and saw a white Appaloosa stallion named Alias Smith & Jones. He tore out the page and kept it awhile before deciding to breed Carlin (AQHA) to the stallion in 1977. That breeding produced Alias King, who took the family into the Appaloosa industry. Dreamfinder was born six years later.

Dreamfinder stepped into the arena as a yearling and won the 1985 grand champion stallion title at the National show. He won again later that year at the World Show. In 1991 he won get of sire at the National Show. Rex stood Dreamfinder for the first time in 1986. He sold Dreamfinder in 1990 to Crown Center Farms in Columbia, Missouri. Dreamfinder stayed at Crown Center Farms for three years, where Bill Laurie crossed Dreamfinder with Impressive Andrew mares. Susan Osborn of Pilot Point, Texas, bought the stallion in 1993, then sold him to Roger and Kathy Perry of Ocala, Florida, in 1994.

At the time this issue went to press, Dreamfinder stood as sire on 454 Appaloosa pedigrees. His progeny have gathered 2,355 performance points. More than half of his foals have entered the halter ring to gather 10,891 halter points. Dreamfinder’s foals have collected a total of 241 registers of merit, 12 superior event titles, six versatility championships, two supreme championships, one superior achievement certificate, 99 bronze medallions and five silver medallions.

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Bright Eyes BrotherBright Eyes Brother pedigree

Appaloosa history is full of famous horse-human pairs — those pairs whose individual pasts are so tightly intertwined that using one just isn’t right without using the other. One of those Appaloosa pairs is Cecil Dobbin and Bright Eyes Brother, both inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1988.

An auctioneer in Colorado, Cecil watched bids for Appaloosas go higher as the breed became more popular. In the mid 1950s, he heard about the blanketed buckskin half-brother of Maddon’s Bright Eyes (AQHA). Maddon’s Bright Eyes was a three-time world champion running mare bred by Maddon Ranch in New Mexico. Her Appaloosa half-brother, with whom she shared three grandparents, was an unregistered rodeo horse called “Frosty.” Cecil followed the stallion’s story for nearly two years before a farrier passed on a tip about shoeing a buckskin Appaloosa stallion.

Cecil took the tip and found the stallion in New Mexico. He went with his life savings and horse trailer, and he brought back the brother of Maddon’s Bright Eyes. On the way home, Cecil made a call to his friend and then-editor of Western Horseman, Dick Spencer. It was Dick who named the stallion. “Call him Bright Eyes’ Brother, because that’s what you’re going to tell everyone,” Dick teased him.

Bright Eyes Brother made only about a dozen show-pen appearances, but his wins include the prestigious Appaloosa grand championship at the Denver National Western Stock Show. Cecil made Bright Eyes Brother the foundation of his breeding program and matched him with Coke Roberds-bred mares. Bright Eyes Brother sired 146 registered foals. His sons and daughters excelled in the show pen, on the track and in the breeding barn. His most famous get include fellow Hall of Fame Appaloosas Bright Starlette, Mighty Bright and Bright Chip.

Cecil owned Bright Eyes Brother until the stallion died after a long life of impacting the Appaloosa breed.


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